LOCATION: Zimbabwe

CLIENT: Dhliwayo

AREA: Stage 1 = 247m²


The Dhliwayo's needed an escape from the busy, cramped city life. A haven is created for them and their family. Energy efficiency was extremely important for this design.  

The entire house is centered around family life and enjoying their time together. 

Space created to relax

All around the house spaces were created for the couple to enjoy each others company. 

The spaces include a fireplace, boma, patio with large patio chairs in front of a built in braai. All tailored to provide a relaxing atmosphere throughout the year, no matter the weather condition outside. 

There is also ample space for the whole family to visit them and stay over. 

The Garage/ Workshop is any man's dream. Designed for proper cross-ventilation. A lot of storage space insures that he will have the perfect workshop where a future business can be established.

Design challenges addressed:

Some challenges that were faced during the design was the location. Electricity is not always reliable and the area can be extremely warm.

Energy Efficiency 

The house has large overhangs and the larger doors and windows were recessed. The openings were strategically placed for the best possible cross ventilation possible. This also insured that there are no artificial lights needed during the day.  

Some areas air bricks provide privacy but also a comfortable airflow that restricts the sun to shine directly into that space and heating the space too much specially during the summer months. The air bricks provide some texture and contrast to the smooth plaster finish to the rest of the facade. 

Materials used: 

Light and natural materials were used throughout the house. The building materials that are used is easily obtainable in Zimbabwe but some of the more important features elements will be sent from South Africa. The water feature at the front door sets a tranquil setting for their arrival and forces them to enter in a relaxed mindset to rest of the house.