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So let’s start at the beginning…..

What do you want to build? Do you want to build a house, five houses, a skyscraper?

Your architectural team will assist you with the entire process and guide you, but the largest design generator for your building is your site and a lot of times the site has already been purchased when you appoint your team so here are a few topics to consider when you are looking for your site to purchase.

Make sure that your dream can legally take form on the sites you are considering.  Here are two resources you can refer to.

  • The Estate’s rules and regulations.
  • Zoning certificate – document the height restrictions, density, building lines etc.

During the first site visit the following are some of the design generators that we look for.

They can assist you and let your imagination go when you are considering the different sites and you will have view ideas to share with your architectural team during your design meeting.

  1. North Orientation

You can save a lot on your electrical bill already just by orientating your building correctly and utilizing the sun and managing the amount of light and heat you allow into the building. The light and heat gain will change throughout the day.

  1. Building lines:

Each area is different and make sure you enquire about the building lines of each stand.   This forms the frame within your stand your building fits snuggly in.  You can obtain building line relaxation with the permission of neighbours, the estate’s home owners association (should it be relevant to your stand) and local authority.

Which brings me to my next point:  Please be kind to your neighbours, go and deliver the plate of cookies should the need arise 😉 , they might just be the ones that delay your building line relaxation.

  1. Access to the site

The access to the site must be unobstructed.  No street lamps, large trees etc. There are solutions to most cases but it might take time / money to resolve it.

  1. Slope of the site.

A large slope can cause expensive earthworks or the structure is placed at different levels.

  1. Noise

Visit the site at different times during the day or alternatively look at the surrounding structures and their function. I.e. is there a highway in you proximity, a church, school etc.

  1. View

Don’t only consider view far away but also consider the existing landscaping. Patches of beautiful trees can create a relaxed corner to enjoy your breakfast in the garden or outdoor shower for the master bedroom.   A boma can be framed by a rock formation the possibilities are endless.

  1. Neighbouring structures

Look at the placement of your neighbour’s structures and what their functions are. Ideally you don’t want your baby’s room next to their entertainment area for example.

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