LOCATION: Pretoria

CLIENT: Lawrence

AREA: 198m²


The established home is located in Pretoria East with a beautiful garden. The whole house is centered on family life. The garden is full of evidence of a happy and busy family. The entire site is framed with large trees that provide beautiful shelter and shade to the house.

New alterations and additions were proposed for the family, to enhance their quality of life.  You don’t necessary need more space but rater a space designed functionally.

The brief consisted out of the flowing:

The client wanted a lot more storage space and a living area that are clear from any clutter.

The family wanted an entertainment area that can utilize the outdoor space but still enjoy the comfort inside in the colder months.

The circulation from the kitchen to the living area needs to be redesigned, due to the fact that the existing stairs were unsafe and uncomfortable to use.

The result we came up with:

The design a combination of minimalism features and comfortable warm textured features.  The existing face brick was left as it is to keep a touch of warmth and remind the family of where it all started.  The detail where the new smooth plaster walls and face brick connects is a beautiful detail.

The living space is more usable, more storage space is introduces and the internal circulation were redesigned.

The house now adheres to their individual needs and encourages them to host more events and altogether enjoy their elegant simplistic home that is to their specific taste.

The team involved:

The builder (Stephan van Zijl from SVZ Projects ) played an intricate part in the entire design process and as a team the plans were submitted and approved at a record time. Which means that the project was complete without a delay? http://svzprojects.co.za/