LOCATION: Pretoria East

CLIENT: Wepeners

AREA: 223 m²


Upside down house plan:

An upside down architectural house plan brings out the child in you when you sit in the new entertainment area.

Surrounded by lush green established trees you cannot help but feel relaxed and young again.

On the ground floor the rooms spill out onto a small lounge/play area that function as an extension of the rooms.

The Master suite has a small private courtyard, where you can enjoy the morning light spilling in.


The access to the home has a clear approach with interesting cutouts that creates covering to doors and windows.


The passage is designed with ample light in mind and a decompression nook that function as a small lounge/ play area. You have a visual connection with the garden at all times.

Entertainment area:

The first floor consist out of the Lounge, Dining area and Kitchen. From the interior the entertainment area is surrounded by beautiful lush trees with a beautiful view. The windows are placed with extreme caution to allow the most light as possible into the living area but still maintaining privacy from the neighbors.

Garden space:

Each interior living space has access to the garden with cross ventilation. This creates a comfortable interior that requires no additional cooling.

Landscaping and a small garden wall contains the ground floor activity with a little corner to relax and enjoy the garden.

The most important aspect of this house is the integration of inside out outside spaces. To bring nature and architecture together seamlessly.