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LOCATION: Lyttelton residence


AREA: 200m²



Contrasting shelter :

The home is designed to form part of an established site. The existing structures are built and finished with bagged plaster finish. 


The new home is designed to add to the character of the rest of the site but remain with its individuality. The outer shell and roof is a dark charcoal colour. The rest of the house is textured white brick this assist to create contrast and to create dimension with the illusion that it is cut out of the main dark structure.  


The steel column and beams divide the elevations and function as structural support for the timber sliding security gates. 

Clear-storey windows :

High ceiling create a light interior space. The mono-pitch roof presented the ideal opportunity to add clear story windows that allow even more light into the rooms.  Next to the living room is a small craft room, to create the illusion of more space and depth an internal window was added. 

Entertainment area:

The large open plan living area spill out to a beautiful garden space for the couple to enjoy Pretoria's lovely weather. 

Sliding doors:

All the glass sliding doors are protected by steel gates that is covered with timber louvres. The timber provides another layer of warmth and texture to the elevations. Above all it is added security.