During the month of July, we had the privilege to exhibit our work at Grounded at Echo.

The theme of the exhibition was SIMPLIFY LIFE.

In this day and age, we tend to focus on bigger spaces, filled to capacity with all our possessions.


The exhibition consisted out of 8 sketches of existing buildings that are all smaller than 100m2. They illustrate that beauty lies within the details, composition and layout.  Not the number of rooms you can fit on your site.  Excluding the one that was of daisies because my husband said he wonders if I can draw anything other than a house…. That showed him 😊

Along with the sketches we displayed two models that are close to our heart. Both are small structures.

The models represented:

  1. The Tiny house cabins.
  2. The Pods – a series of prefab structures that can be assembled as you need more space.


During our exhibition opening night we celebrated our birthday and the fact that God has been so good to us the past few years and celebrating His goodness.

We hope the exhibition inspired people to look at small spaces with new appreciation.

Thank you to the following people that made the opening evening a huge success:

René Walker for the beautiful photos.

Grounded at Echo for the venue and delicious food.

Functional Form_ Architecture _ Image 6 Functional Form_ Architecture _ Image 8Functional Form_ Architecture _ Image 9Functional Form_ Architecture _ Image 11

Functional Form_ Architecture _ Image 7

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